La Jolla de Panama, Pedasi

Within The Master Planned Community of Andromeda a Sustainable OCEAN FRONT RESORT COMMUNITY.

Pedasi reels you in with its charm and beauty, only to impress you with its deep well of opportunity and adventure. This paradise of contrasts offers unique and surprising ways to enjoy this beautiful landscape. Whether you’re in Pedasi for a weekend, a season, or a lifetime– your time in Pedasi is sure to charm you and put you in a healthy frame of mind.

Pedasi is a healthy, nature-oriented kind of place, as evidenced by the countless opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventure. Everything around here is tranquilo as we say (relaxed). Pedasi is the ideal refuge to relax in a hammock for hours and not to do anything but enjoying the rustic-glory of the region– the idyllic green hills, spectacular ocean views, and laid-back lifestyle. If you do find yourself itching for some action, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in Pedasi.

Some favorite passtimes include surfing, diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, exploration by horseback, exploring the many beaches and surrounding islands, and more. Every year affords new and exciting ways to experience Pedasi. As tourism and lifestyle has evolved in Pedasi, so too have the many ways one can enjoy this spectacular landscape.

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