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Investment/returns Opportunity – PREF creates investment opportunities for small, medium and large investors. Many in our Investor family enjoy investing in our projects early and through our Investment Conversion Program, take all or a portion of their investment and convert it to real-estate ownership in one of our Communities. If you are interested, reach out to us through the Contact form here.

Founding Investor Program allows the investor to enter into the project as a Founding Investor with Founding Investor privileges.  Investment in PREF’s Panama projects are considered a good “Plan B” for capital protection and diversification.

1. Min $100,000 investment
2. Maximum 3 year investment program
3. $100,000 return on Investment
4. Receive an improved lot within the project
5. Home building costs will be at PREF costs

Reach out to us for this or other project investment programs you may be interested in.  Please click here to review a Founding  Investor Program.

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